A Horror-Comedy

Check out our new teaser trailer and RSVP to the WORLD PREMIERE on Facebook! FB Event link in video description*

3/15-4/15 Fight Choreo, yo

2/15- 4/15 Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

11/14-2/15: Write, write, write.

10/17/14:  We Made Our Goal!

9/14-10/14: Fundraising Like Crazy!

Black Holler

It's true! You can buy your very own ticket to our Belcourt premiere! Just click the video to your right and follow the link in the description! ​ 

June 15-18th, 2017: Black Holler's First Award!

8/15-9/15 New Fundraising Campaign, New Trailers, New Poster

Thanks to the hard work of our editors, we now have a rough cut! It's so helpful to see our footage assembled from beginning to end! We hope to have a final version by the end of 2016!

4/15-12/15 Shoot, shoot shoot

March 10, 2017: Save the Date!

Crossing our fingers that we get in one, but proud of our super cool flick no matter what!

April 24, 2017: Black Holler's WORLD PREMIERE!

May 7, 2017: Black Holler's First Festival Screening

The International Horror Hotel Festival and Convention has deemed BLACK HOLLER the 3rd best horror-comedy of 2017!!

The festival takes place in Hudson, OH June 15th-18th! 

**BH will not be screened.**

January 5, 2017: We've submitted Black Holler to multiple film festivals!

April 19, 2017: KILLER soundtrack sneak peek!

March 27, 2017: Peep the New Trailer and RSVP to the PREMIERE!

Well folks, our movie all but wrapped in November of 2015, and we've been in post-production all of 2016. To view a timeline of our movie's progress and find out when we plan to have a finished product, check out this video!

BH will screen at Looby Theater in Nashville, TN as part of TWTP's Women's Work Festival. May 7th, 2:30PM $10

Black Holler will premiere at The Belcourt Nashville 4-24-17! Click the image for more info!

2016: Black Holler:

Timelined to the Max!

March 31, 2017: Premier Tix are Available Now! PLUS, NEW TRAILER!

October 5, 2016: We have a rough cut!

Black Holler premiered to 2 PACKED houses at Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN, Monday, 4-24-17, 7PM & 9:30 PM! BIG THANKS to everyone who made it such a special night!

We're thrilled to announce that our 2nd crowdfunding campaign was a success! Plus check out our new poster by Leah Miller and our new teaser trailers too!

Buy Nashville Fringe Festival's Spring/Summer Sampler for a sneak peek at Black Holler's KILLER soundtrack by Bruce Ervin!